Shy Boys - New Music "Introducing"


Shy Boys are a newly formed band from Knoxville led by Brandon Blondo and Nichole McMinn, I found them on the wonderful Tweendie and their tracks to date have me purring like a love-sick kitten....

"Ride" has that fuzzy, warm feeling about it that instantly makes you've heard it before, an amazing, creeping guitar line forms the heart of the song wrapped around psychedelic keys and then the uniquely identifiable vocals kick in on top of the melody and your level of swooning increases even further - "Ride" is the sort of track that makes you glad to spend your every spare hour on the hunt of new music.

"Something" is a world apart but similarly luscious, the breezy, beer-soaked mood switched for a slow-burning shoegaze / new-wave electro track which would sound perfect in a late 80's Berlin club, all trippy, cinematic atmosphere and dramatic dual vocals, it pulls you in with swirling synth beats and doesn't let you go until it's over - then you'll probably want to press play again.

Download both tracks now via Bandcamp.