Sisters #2 - Clearhead

I mentioned this track was due last week and now here it is, Sisters new track, their debut single entitled "Clearhead” and instantly it stands out as a potential carefree hit of the summer.

Those of us that like the combination of bright, breezy indie and fuzzy grunge-pop should pay attention right away as "Clearhead" fizzes along with rattling beats, delicious vocals and riff-tastic guitars.

A track guaranteed to make your day seem better alongside a catchy as hell chorus – you can already see this causing a storm at summer festivals.

It’s not just me who thinks so, Sisters have been tipped by fellow fuzz-poppers Big Deal as a band to catch and this week featured in their own right in the NME on the back of their Great Escape performance - the buzz is already forming around this London based trio of Irish decent, be sure to see them in small room whilst you can.

The next chance to do that is on June 18th at The Old Blue Last - details. "Clearhead" is released June 10th via Gravy Records.