Sisters - New Music "Introducing"

I'm currently gearing up for The Great Escape, they'll be a few more posts here this week before a bit of a blog holiday until I return and recover from three days of bands, booze and seaside fish & chips (I'd like to add sun but the weather forecast is abysmal).

For now though, a new music post on a band I discovered during research for the festival, although seemingly I'm a little late to the party. Sisters are a London based (of Irish descent) trio with two tracks to their name so far - though a new single "Clearhead" is promised soon...

"Sun Walk" is the more powerful and immediate of their two debut track with pummeling drums and fuzz-pop guitar riffs but it's the real shimmering beauty of "Shiny Things" that appeals most to me, a slow-burning lament that grows from restrained beginnings with other-wordly atmosphere and Aoife's beautifully accented vocals, both irresistible and captivating.

Heading to Brighton yourself? Sisters play The Great Escape on Saturday, 12.30 at The Hope.