Stealing Sheep #7 - A Real Clown

I'll save you the story of my Record Store Day again and head straight to one of my purchases, two new tracks released by Stealing Sheep on an exclusively for Record Store Day 7". Limited to just 300, a few copies are left on-line now the seven day window is over including at Norman Records. To give you an added incentive we've been treated to a live video of the A-Side "A Real Clown", simply put, it's utterly stupendous.

A delightful mélange of everything that the Liverpudlian trio have grown to be over the past couple of years, with added horns and clattering percussion added by an ensemble, entwining harmonies and grooving rhythms bedazzle with sudden bursts of dominating doom-laden beats and a sparkling eccentricity that has become as much part of Stealing Sheep as their gorgeous voices and off-kilter melodies - this is a band that have come so far since their early demos...

The video is recorded Obscenic, the same people who did the equally incredible "Shut Eye" one - good work guys! Make sure you get the record, the B-side "Do As You Will" equally appeals with a dark, starker sound, both make for a compelling release.