The Fabergettes - New Music "Introducing"


The Fabergettes describe their own sound as "60’s inspired pop-punk music. Think Best Coast meets The Ronnettes with a dash of The Runaways thrown in for good measure". I can't really add or beat that description, it's bang on the money, I can't quite remember how I came across the Sydney duo / band, I think it might have been the trusty Bandcamp Discover but their discovery and subsequent addition to my iTunes directory is certainly a good thing.

"Ding Dong" opens their four track debut EP (it was released last year and  is available via Bandcamp now with a 7" coming soon via UK indie Marineville Records) and introduces their perfect combination of garage / thrash pop and saccharine sweet 60's girl group harmonies, musically things are kept simple with rat-a-tat beat, hand-claps and guitar hooks providing the sort of tune that's should be sound-tracking your summer days.

The nostalgic cool of "Kiss Ya" is probably my favourite track, a wonderful jagged guitar and slightly psychedelic groove will have you swaying whilst the slightly tongue in cheek lyrics pierce at your heart, "Dream Boy" is equally praise-worth for retro-heads with punchy drums and warming harmonies beautifully closing this short but promising release.