The Graphite Set - New Music "Introducing"

The Graphite Set is London based Lily Buchanan, her debut four track EP These Streets will be released on 3rd June and is available to pre-order on bargain priced 12" via Rough Trade now – after listening below, you might want to do just that…

The title track merges dark, worldly folk with a more unhinged, powerful pysch-rock sound, a cross between Smoke Fairies and the Banshee's, the former reference is pretty apt too as the distinctive guitar work of Katherine Blamire makes an appearance throughout the EP. "These Streets" is killer too, with Lucy's commanding vocals slowly but surely entwining around hypnotic beats and raw, jagged guitar riffs to a finale of howling, twisted noise.

There's something pretty unique in the subsequent tracks, it's the same song twice. "I See No Lies" and "In Your Eyes" might have different titles and sound nothing alike yet the lyrics are one and the same. "I See No Lies" is most like the lead track, with dominate beats echoing around chiming guitars while “In Your Eyes” takes away the psych melody and instead hits you in the guys with a haunting, beautiful combination of lonesome guitar and Lucy’s hardened vocals – a rocking beat becomes a sorrowful lament – just gorgeous.