The Great Escape (2013) - Preview Part Two

Straight on with the second part of my Great Escape 2013 preview - if you landed on this page and want to see the first part - head here and your wish will be granted...

Golden Fable -

Friday 17th May - 19.15 - Sticky Mikes Frog Bar

A band I'm very much looking forward to breaking my live duck with are Golden Fable, the duo have been a favourite of mine since I fell smitten with their beautifully natural sound last year, the recently revamped "Crossfire" a perfect example, where the choral vocals of Rebecca Palin meet equally serene instrumentation to spine-tingling effect.

Want to start your Friday evening with a little bit of genuine class and delicate, shimmering gorgeousness? Golden Fable is the place to be.

Wall - Facebook /

Friday 17th May - 20.45 - St Mary's Church
Saturday 18th May - 14.30 - Komedia

Wall is another act I'll be seeing for the first time over the course of the weekend, their swirling, minimal soundscapes are sure to suit the acoustics of a church show and with Lyla's intimate vocals resonating crystal clear, the result is sure to be sweet, and leave you feeling all weak at the knees.

Farao -

Friday 17th May - 19.15 - St Bartholomew's Church
Saturday 18th May - 18.00 - The Metro Hub

Kari Jahnsen (aka Farao) has been pretty busy since forming her latest pseudonym at the turn of the year, with a trip to Iceland to record her debut release and a couple of European support tours under her hat already the Great Escape shows will come as a warm up to Farao's first ever headlining show in a couple of weeks time and I'm very excited to see how her overall sound has progressed since Like Spinning.

My earlier review of "Skin" described the sound as an "intricate web of luxurious, sprawling instrumentation and honey-sweet harmonies combining to majestic results" - that will do me!

Whirr - Facebook

Thursday 16th May - 18.30 - Concorde 2

A long, early walk on Thursday evening is in prospect to check out a band I've been following for a while now for the first time - I think it's there first time in the UK - Whirr (formerly Whirl) are over from San Francisco to promote their debut full-length Pipe Dreams.

Earlier single "Junebouvier" highlights their potential with a bold and powerful avalanche of guitar textures, pounding drums and girl/boy vocals. Beautiful / noisy shoegaze fans should not miss this!

Melody's Echo Chamber - Facebook /

Thursday 16th May - 23.15 - Corn Exchange

Arguably the 'biggest' act I plan on seeing over the entire weekend and the biggest venue too, Melody's Echo Chamber have amassed a small army of fans since the hazy seduction of "I Follow You" was released last year, part dream-pop combines with part wide-eyed psychedelia to sumptuous effect. Laid-back, Cinematic and beautiful.

Experience tells me The Corn Exchange can get busy for the late night show, Warpaint was a complete no-go area last year - if you want to see this one, plan ahead.

Curxes - Facebook /

Thursday 16th May - 18.55 - The Mesmerist (Alt Escape)
Thursday 16th May - 20.50 - The Black Dove (Alt Escape)

Last but by no means least on this little preview of bands are Curxes, the part Brightonian duo are back at The Great Escape for the second year running and with any luck the earlier set-time of this years show(s) will mean they have an audience more capable of enjoying their music rather than crashing into Roberta's keys like at last years show. A stage would help too.

Their dramatic, brilliant songs have been featured here on numerous occasions and I won't repeat myself again, just say this, come and fucking see them - you won't regret it.