The National #5 - Sea Of Love

I've had what can only be described as 'one of those days', day long meetings where none of my actual work managed to get done and the gig I was thinking of going evaporating before my eyes. What better way to cheer me up than a new track by The National, "Sea Of Love" is instantly as addictive as the other two tracks we've already heard (and I've previously featured here - "Demons" and "Don't Swallow The Cap") from the Brooklyn bands forthcoming album Trouble Will Find Me, which is released May 20th - what better post The Great Escape hangover can there be!

The track is another exhilarating nup-tempo track which bursts straight out of the gates with a heavy percussive heart before jagged guitar hooks and it keeps getting better and better as the tempo increases like an out of control steam train to a 'typically National' climax of outpouring emotions - the accompanying video was simple but effective too, a single shot video featuring the band doing some mesmerizing old man dance techniques and a young kid doing amazing air guitar - watch it below