Wilsen #4 - Dusk


The name of this blog is aptly titled given I only feature music that I like, Wilsen is not just an artist I like though, I've been pretty much smitten with their beautifully atmospheric sounds from the moment I first heard the track I'm talking about (again) today, "Dusk", almost a year ago now...

Still as haunting and pure now as the first time I heard it, deliciously heart-breaking and devastatingly gorgeous it builds from gently picked chord patterns and lightly brushed drum strokes as layers of delicate, beautiful instrumentation are slowly introduced whilst Tasmin's emotive lyrics and ethereal harmonies send shivers down your spine.

After the release of the equally spell-binding "Anahita" earlier this year more and more people are starting to take notice of Wilsen and with "Dusk" the attention is only likely to grow. The band are currently on tour with Daughter in the US (that would be nice in the UK too!) and "Dusk" is released as a single on June 10th, backed by a cover of Grimes' "Oblivion", the album Sirens is available on iTunes now.