Zola Jesus #14 - Trust Me (Live Version)


I didn't find the time before I went to Brighton to write about this, nor did I find sufficient motivation to plug the laptop in whilst I was there so as I return foggy headed I'll bring a couple of quick update posts before I dive in to my review of The Great Escape weekend, in a nutshell it was great and the weather forecasters clearly have no idea what they are talking about.

Zola Jesus has been pretty quiet for the last six months given her prolific release history so far but that changed last week when Nika shared a 'live band version' of "Trust Me" from Stridulum, a version which switches the droning, impending doom of the studio version for an especially beautiful, haunting and intimate mood, touching deep inside over its brief two minute length.

I'm not sure when the follow up to 2011's Conatus is due but one thing I do know is that, when she returns, I'll be there.