Adna - New Music "Introducing"

Adna is a young singer-songwriter from Gothenburg who released an EP last year at the age of 17 which seemingly garnered her some attention (one of the videos has over 11 thousand plays), my introduction comes from her latest track "The Prettiest", the lead single from her forthcoming debut album Night (due later this year via Despotz Records).

"The Prettiest" combines a sometimes darker sometimes softer range of instrumentation with Adna's beautifully haunting vocals, the result echoes and captivates, natural, stark and damn-right gorgeous.

A track from last years EP "All I See and Hear" is equally magical, intricate electric guitar patterns and restrained drums create a sumptuous, bittersweet melody to get completely lost in. Mysterious and evocative, Adna Kadic is a name I expect to hear a lot of over the next few years.