Alice Boman – New Music "Introducing"


After a couple of typically fuzzy posts comes something that's brought me to my knees, so devastatingly beautiful is the debut EP of Alice Boman, a singer/songwriter from Malmo.

"Waiting" was the track that did it to me, a noticeably home recorded sound (you can literally hear the cassette tape hiss) only adds to the wholly emotive and absorbing journey with Alice's hushed whispers and delicate piano sparkles creating a sound that is unbearably sad yet overwhelmingly gorgeous and absorbing.

The track is taken from Alice's debut EP "Skisser" ("Sketches" in Swedish) which was released May 30th via Adrian Recordings, the other four tracks are similarly stark, wonderful dreamscapes. Three of the tracks are numbered rather than named, each intimate, naturally fragile and majestic with "What Are You Searching For" closing this spine-tingling release with more forlorn, aching wonder.

I'd not heard of Alice Boman until a post on Kalamitat yesterday so thanks for the discovery must go to them.