Anto Dust - New Music "Introducing"


Seemingly Anto Dust have been around for a while, a Facebook page started back in 2009 and an EP dating from 2011 can be found on Bandcamp, I'm going to ignore all that and treat the London based quintet, lead by vocalist/guitarist Anto Cossu, as a new band (the EP was a solo one).

I think their new song "Eyeless In London" is best served that way, gone are the folky roots in favour of a luscious blend of dreamy, psyche pop and shoegaze. The track starts with a bit of birdsong which perfectly segues into the swirling melody which will hypnotise you for the next three minutes only emphasissed by Anto's soft and ethereal vocals - perfect for a lazy summers evening outside with a beer or three - just a shame we live in London then!