Big Deal #2 - Dream Machines

An overdue post, surprise! I've been meaning to post about Big Deal again since before The Great Escape in truth but it's now almost a month since I saw them their for the first time, a set that was dramatic, thunderous and full of perfect energy for a Saturday night.

Since that th duo / expanded live quartet have released their second (and aptly titled) album June Bloom and shared a new single (also available on 7") "Dream Machines", I'll concentrate on the singles for ease (and because there are numerous great album reviews already, if you want one of those)...

"Dream Machines" instantly radiates like the carefree summer anthem it should become with glistening guitars and robotic beats complimenting the dual honey-toned vocals of Alice Costelloe and Kacey Underwood, you can almost reach out and touch its youthful beauty during its three minute long emotive roller-coaster. Earlier single "In Your Car" uses a similar forumla, strong power-pop with distorted fuzz and compelling drums bursting straight out of the gates, June Bloom sees Big Deal making tracks that they are clearly enjoying to make, playful, pretty and wonderful - it's a triumphant success.

Order June Bloom now via Sandbag.