Bridie Jackson and the Arbour - Prolong

I won't bore you with the reasons why I'm not at Glastonbury right now and will instead feature an act I've been meaning to for bloody well ages who I discovered thanks to the festival, Bridie Jackson and the Arbour won the Glasto Emerging Talent Competition after being put forward by the lovely Flying With Anna earlier this year in a wonderful contest I had the privilege of being involved with. It will give the Newcastle quartet the chance to woo the festival crowds throughout the weekend (they are playing no less than four times to my knowledge) and no doubt they'll be doing exactly that, their new single "Prolong" will show us folk left behind exactly why too...

Weaving together some of the most beautiful folk harmonies and a rich tapestry of instrumentation with effortless ease and enchanting effect "Prolong" is softer and more fragile than the magical "Scarecrow", the song featured on their Glasto ETC entry, yet just as haunting and spellbinding, with dazzling wordplay and astonishing delivery "Prolong" is sort of track to make the hairs on the back of your neck stand on end.

The single is released on July 29th with some shows to support it.