Dear Georgiana - New Music "Introducing"

Dear Georgiana is the music of Brooklyn-based and Alabama-born Lauren Balthrop who recently released her self-titled debut album, a majestic collection of ten beautifully clear tracks that could have been written at any point over the past sixty years, this timeless quality (and Lauren's gorgeous vocals) help create a fully realised sound that's gloriously nostalgic and instantly endearing.

Opener "Don't Let Me Go" oozes with a languid, syrupy affection where hollow drums and slow jangle guitars echo around Lauren's honey-toned vocals, the dreamy atmosphere Lauren exhudes is forlorn but always soft and makes me go weak at the knees. A similar trick is used on "Wait For Me", possibly my favourite on the album, a bittersweet ballad with the repeated cries of "Wait for me, wait for me, at the end of the world", I doubt an apocalypse has ever been sound-tracked as beautifully as this.

There's a variety of instrumentation throughout to keep your interest, lead single "Wanna Be In Love" is the most vibrant track on the album, a breezy, a chirpy retro-pop aesthetic with forthright drums and bright, twinkling keys while the absorbing "Young Girl" also packs a sweet punch. Both "Let's Dance" and "Please Don't Tell Me A Lie" have a american country feel, complete with hushed male vocals and guitar twangs - it fills the air with an atmospheric melancholy that, as with the album as the whole, is rich, heartwarming and beautiful. Irresistible I think I'd call it.

You can download the album via the Tummy Touch Records Bandcamp now.