Editors #5 - The Sting

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I recently talked about the a-side to Editors come-back single "A Ton of Love" (due June 17th two weeks before their fourth album The Weight Of Your Love which follows on July 1st), a track which saw the band swagger with a stadium sized combination of pop hooks and booming vocals. Not content with that, we've been treated to the single's flip side, a rather wonderful track called "The Sting"...

Editors are (to me at least) one of the best b-side bands around, numerous tracks better than most bands album tracks exist right from the start, all were bundled together on the breathless Unedited boxset (seven CD's and seven LP's) - "You Are Fading", "Banging Heads", "No Sound But The Wind" to name just three exceptional ones - "The Sting" can easily take its place amongst them.

Somewhat starker than a version I remember from a few years back (the track has been floating around the live set for a good three years), the emphasis is put firmly on Tom's baritone vocal, building in emotion and power amongst skittish drums and a layered, brooding piano melody, (and I'm writing this for the second time today) "The Sting" is sure to appeal to fans of The National as well as early Eds adopters, a beautifully plaintive ballad from a band still yet to do much wrong in my opinion.