Editors #6 - The Weight


Editors have shared another new track from their forthcoming album The Weight Of Your Love, the similarly titled “The Weight”, a real stark beauty. Gone are the pounding beats and epic guitar hooks of the last track “A Ton of Love”, or the booming synths of a “Papillion”, instead “The Weight” is all dark, brooding atmosphere built around Tom’s baritone vocals, his typically strong song-writing and some luscious string arrangements, full of emotion and fragility rarely seen from the band before it highlights a maturing band unafraid of what people may have to say.

I’ve been an Editors fan boy over the years, I’ve seen them over twenty five times (second only to The Joy Formidable who are at over fifty), they even went to the same university as me, at the same time but I don’t recall ever seeing anything about Pilot (the initial name of Editors) around Stafford town, although I was in a Prince bubble at the time and didn’t really go to gigs (nor like female vocals, so you may have guessed how much my musical tastes have shifted).

I always try to approach a new album by one of my favourite bands with open eyes, change is good, three albums that sound the same is boring and the change Editors did with album three In This Light And On This Evening instantly met with approval here and although The Weight Of Your Love seems to have stripped back much of what made me initially love the band, I have to say I’m enjoying the new direction so far. I’m more of a mellow, whisky drinker than a youthful jumping around the room sort of person myself these days!