Jimmy Tait - All My Friends


It's been a long, busy week and I'm nursing a sore head after the Beautiful Strange gig last night, as I belatedly tackle a few of the mails I've had building up over the last few days I look for something soft, soothing and beautiful to take my mind away from my self-inflicted woes, the Melbourne quartet Jimmy Tait, led by Sara Retallick's sultry slow-burn vocals does just that on first listen to the sixth (and counting)...

"All My Friends" is a perfect evening in alone song, I'm on the water tonight but the restrained guitar twangs and languid beats make me which I was sipping at a bourbon, the hushed, entwined vocals and slow, creeping rhythms ooze outlaw country, all wrapped in hazy mystery whilst the repeated refrain of "All my friends, sitting on the fence, they never rushed to my defence" tugs at your heart - wonderful.

Grab the track via Bandcamp now with an album coming later this year.