La Luz #2 - Brainstorm


Not sure how the hell I managed to miss this but I certainly did until last night, one of my favourite discoveries of the last half year or so are La Luz, I talked about their wonderful Damp Face EP back in January (make sure you get it via Bandcamp or on tape by the ever wonderful Burger Records now), a record I instantly fell in love with thanks to a "combination of classic doo-wop backing vocals and surf-rock cool with a dusty Widowspeak-esque dreamlike sound"; now it's time for the follow up...

The Seattle quartet have been picking up some impressive press (including a Pitchfork premiere) for new single "Brainwash" - due via Suicide Squeeze Records on July 16th - a beautifully melodic jangle guitar introduction paves way for a fast-paced racing rhythms with swirling pysch keys and rat-a-tat drums skittering alongside the twanging guitars and delicious harmonies - Pre-order "Brainwash" just in time for the summer now via Big Cartel.