Laura Marling #10 - I Was An Eagle/You Know (Live Video)

Compiling my album of the year lists at the end of 2013 is going to be tough, I can say that with relative ease already, 2013 sees many of my long term favourite acts with releases out already or planned soon (Editors being the next).

An album that is a sure-fire to appear in those lists is Laura Marling, for me at least, she's taken a mighty step up from her already impressive highs with her fourth LP Once I Was An Eagle. I've talked about a few of the tracks here already so today I’m going to focus on a breathtaking live acoustic session of "I Was An Eagle/You Know"…

Here striped back, pure and simply sensational the two tracks from LP1 Side A of the record (or tracks two or three from the CD if you prefer), easily the best side of vinyl 2013 has given us so far, merge together effortlessly and are epic, soaring pieces of brilliance. Dark, sweeping and ringing with intensity throughout, Laura’s lyrically excellence is long undisputed, here her telling use of space and prose (even after hearing the tracks a good twenty times or so since release) still leaves me breathless. An extraordinary piece of work from one of this generation's true stars.

Laura recently announced (and them promptly sold-out) a series of 16 (yes sixteen) gigs in conjunction with Secret Cinema in a East London location, I'm going next Friday and I cannot wait.

You can order the album now - from LM store - you'd be foolish not to.