Suede - Hit Me (Video)

I thought I'd posted about Suede earlier this year with their wonderful come back single "It Starts and Ends With You" but apparently not, so take this post as a long over-due catch up. As it's looking like Pulp won't be doing anything new in 2013 (the "After You" Record Store Day release aside) it's down to Suede to provide my mid 90's nostalgia this time around.

I first 'got into music properly' (by that I mean my own tastes and not liking Meat Loaf thanks to my Dad) when I was in year nine, around the same time as Blur's The Great Escape and Pulp's Different Class albums. I soon got into the whole Brit-pop scene and by the following year when Suede's Coming Up came along and I was hooked, who wouldn't be when you hear the poppy brilliance of a "Trash" or "Beautiful Ones". It remains one of my favourite reminiscing albums to this day, alongside Semisonic's Feeling Strangely Fine and the aforementioned Pulp as you asked...

Fast-forward to their new album Bloodsports and latest single "Hit Me" sounds like that same Suede and for people as obsessed as I, that can be no bad thing, bursting straight out of the gates with strong percussion and fizzing guitar hooks "Hit Me" is as energetic and stylish as anything from Coming Up and believe me (or listen to it for yourself) when I say the rest of the album is great too, Suede aren't just stomping radio-pop songs built around the distinctive vocal of Brett Anderson, there are some lovely romantic ballads ("For The Strangers" / "Always") and then the brooding melodrama of the excellent "Barriers" or "Sabotage" too. Welcome back Suede - it doesn't feel like it's been over ten years.

They play Kenwood House on August 23rd and I plan on pretending I'm 14 all over again - tickets.