Summer Twins #3 - Forget Me / I'm No Good

A year and a half ago almost now I described the debut LP from California's Summer Twins (one of the most apt names for a band ever, comprised of twins Chelsea and Justine Brown and with a sun-kissed sound perfect for sunny days) as 'all kinds of sugar and spice and all things nice' so it's great to have something new to bite into now (and at the current time of year after my original Christmas time discovery)...

They return with two new tracks taken from a forthcoming EP and 7" (via Burger Records) due 'June 4th. "Forget Me" continues the always sweet sheen trademarked on their debut with irresistible, heart-felt pop melodies bubbling around jangle guitars and bright drums. "Forget Me" manages to be charming, gorgeous and instant but also sounds fuller and more dynamic than anything Summer Twins have done before, a perfect come-back track (or introduction if you missed them first time around).

"I'm No Good" is straight from the 50's and is ultra swoon-some, bring you to you knees sort of stuff. Doo-wop harmonies sung beautifully and a perfect, pure melody - how can you refuse that.

Update: The CD EP and 7" are now available to order here. Whoop!