Tape Waves #2 - The Horse


Tapes Waves had me all weak at the knees with their beautifully charming debut digital debut single back in April (if you haven't already, make sure you grab it from Bandcamp). Now they return with a cover of the Beach Fossils track "The Horse" (ahead of a limited edition four track 7" is coming out via Manchester's Box Bedroom Rebels soon)...

The cover is quite an apt one, Beach Fossils fans should find much to favour with Tape Waves' playful surf-pop. Their version of "The Horse" is pretty faithful and retains much of the hazy, sun-soaked melody and jangling guitar hooks of the original but (and perhaps it's because of my much publicised love of a soft female voice - a role which Kim Hart fits to perfection) I can't help but fall for this version and it's dreamy, nostalgic bliss.

That 7" will be limited to 100 copies - one shall be mine I promise!