The Mariner's Children - Sycamore


I've mentioned The Mariner's Children here twice but have never actually featured them in their own right, now is time to change that... After enjoying their set for a second consecutive year at The Great Escape last month (albeit a noisy one this year) the Brighton collective (which includes Emma Gatrill and members of other bands from Brighton) led by Ben Rubinstein confirmed themselves as one of the most exhilarating and beautiful acts in the UK folk scene today.

An insight to the live shows power is found within a couple of videos recently recorded at The Lexington, take the stunning “Sycamore” for example. The lead track from a recent EP where a musical jigsaw comes together flawlessly, perfectly delivered lyrics weave themes of love and death whilst the melody, seemingly at the drop of a hat, switches from up-tempo bursts of euphoric instrumentation to darkly, plaintive (yet gorgeous) ethereal landscapes.

This delicious tapestry of sound continues with "In My Bed", soft and soothing beginnings build with subtle and devastating grace to a fiery and striking heart whilst the heartfelt “Wolves Within The Wood” is the perfect exercise in restraint - I could listen to those harmonies all day.

The Sycamore EP is available now via Broken Sound with a debut full-length due in the autumn.