Tyrannosaurus Dead #2 - Pure & Apart


There's no respite in this game; yesterday Brighton's Tyrannosaurus Dead released a video to the title track from their 12" EP Pure // Apart (available now via Odd Box Records) and you're probably gonna love it as much as me.

"Pure & Apart" draws you in immediately with its languid pacing and swathes of raw distortion which hangs onto melancholy with sweet, heart-aching lyrics and the soft, not quite dreamy dual vocals of Billy Lowe and Eleanor Rudge, a beautifully crafted piece of melodic fuzz-pop.

I'm yet to see T Dead live (though I have thankfully, finally seen Eleanor's other band The Hundredth Anniversary now) - the next chance for me to correct that is on July 21st when the band play an Odd Box night at The Buffalo Bar - details.