Young Romance #3 - Pale


I only discovered this late last night, how I missed it, I have no idea... "Pale" is the blisteringly good new song by the impeccable Young Romance, their first after a quiet start to 2013 bursts the cobwebs away straight off the bat with a fuzzed up introduction of jagged guitars and fast-paced drums.

Bigger and heavier than anything they've done before, it retains the band effortless knack of combining charm and emotion and Claire's beautiful, powerful vocals sound as perfect as ever, "Pale" is here to pick up the mantle I first gave to the London based duo after the track which introduced me, "Follow On Your Own", my 'new favourite band'...

No release news yet. Young Romance have a few dates coming up including one with Flowers and Fever Dream on June 29th - details - if you aren't at Glastonbury, I command you to attend (well, if you live somwhere near London too)