Abjects - New Music "Introducing"

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London based trio Abjects came to my attention with a recent tape release through PINS label Haus of Pins (which you can order the here), unusually I can't find any of the three tracks online so instead I'll put my focus on a pay-what-you-like trio of pre-ceeding demos which you can get via Bandcamp, it's here where I discover a breathless, hard-hitting blend of should be pop hits.

"Hard to Get" perfectly introduces their rough around the edges noise-candy, a surf punk sound of raucous, scuzzy garage rhythms propelling airy vocal harmonies and catchy choruses while "Delay" is even better (and bigger) with chugging riffs and crunching beats straight out of the 90's.

From my school days I now "Aburrido" translates to boring in Spanish, the polar opposite of the songs urgent energy and power chords, nonchalant, buoyant and fun - let Abjects into your life now.