Alela Diane - About Farewell

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What with all this stunning weather making me feeling all warm and summery I've been neglecting one of my favourite genres, dark and winsome folk, Alela Diane is here to remind me what I've been missing whilst I've been engaging in all those fuzzy, nostalgic guitars, taken from her latest album About Farewell (due July 29th with a limited vinyl run available at Indie record stores) is the absolutely stunning title-track that you can stream below.

"About Farewell" is as beautiful and haunting song as 2013 has offered so far, a devastating and plaintive melody is all that's needed to crack at your heart, there's little more than ringing guitar lines and Alela's emotive voice throughout but its subtly and yearning pain stays with you long after.

Soundcloud provides another track from the album, "The Way We Fall", reminiscent of Sharon Van Etten's Tramp with moody, wounded vocals swelling around occasionally dramatic instrumentation swells, simply put it's another stark, ageless wonder.