Chelsea Wolfe #10 - The Warden

Chelsea Wolfe has been one of the most prolific artists of the last few years; two studio albums, a live release and an acoustic album which brought together some tracks which pre-dated her official debut and some new tracks too, all those different releases in a relatively short period of time and never the slightest hint at dropping quality (and worldwide tours on top). Not one to rest on her laurels Chelsea has announced her next album Pain Is Beauty for release on 3rd September via Sargent House.

To whet the appetite further there's a stream of the lead single "The Warden" and it might come as a little shock at first, sure you can instantly recognise Chelsea Wolfe, it's eerie, haunting and made it the dark but it sounds altogether different to anything heard by Chelsea previously. Gone are the dirty, sludgy riffs, the heavy guitar chords swathed in distortion and the doom-laden drums and instead we're here listening to a minimalist synth-pop track, I'm honest enough to admit it took me a couple of listens to adjust although I'm now a fully paid subscriber.

Chelsea's thin, ethereal whispers float perfectly over stark, industrial beats, softened and echoey amongst glittering synths "The Warden" remains bleak yet powerfully hypnotic, altogether hinting perfectly at the albums title, beautifully intimate.

Also make sure you check out the stunning live version of "Feral Love" below, another track which is on Pain Is Beauty - fear not all you dark metal-heads!. I'm excited for this album a lot, nervously excited, just the way you should be when one of your favourite acts releases something new.