Chelsea Wolfe #11 - We Hit A Wall

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On the first single we heard from Chelsea Wolfe's forthcoming album Pain Is Beauty we were all here talking about a slight change in direction, the starker, more synth led sounds of "The Warden" were ominously beautiful with Chelsea's distinctive ethereal voice butterfly soft amongst glittering electronics, a track which took a much less obvious route to sharing the darkness, now we've got the second track, one which is sure to resonate hard with those who perhaps weren't expecting "The Warden's" departure...

"We Hit A Wall" has the a title of a group of marathon runners worst nightmare and could soundtrack it too, much more akin to the nightmarish atmosphere of her previous records, from the instant echoey guitar patterns and doom-laden drums kick in you're transfixed with the tracks brooding repetition and haunting brilliance.

Chelsea Wolfe returns to the UK in late October to tour the record which comes out the month before via Sargent House. You'll want to take notice of both.