Editors #7 - Formaldehyde


Let's kick start the week with an absolute beast of a track, Editors have been making up for lost time over recent months featuring here time and time and time again with tracks from their latest (and somewhat divisive) album The Weight of Your Love, here they are again with the newly announced  second single from the record - not due until September - "Formaldehyde".

Instantly infusing itself in the brain, if "Formaldehyde" were a stick of rock it would have the word 'single' written right through it. Tom's booming vocals sound more commanding than ever as the track's infectious chorus and upbeat radio-friendly sheen skittles along with unbridled pomp, it's as close to An End Has A Start Editors as I've heard for a while, dominating drums and a fuzzy throb of bass - I'm happy to admit I've always been a bit biased when it comes to Editors but I bloody love this.