F.U.R.S. #3 - Just Kids


Summers here and with it comes a general feel good factor (in me at least) that makes you reach for music perhaps a little more joyous and optimistic than the usual songs of the impending apocalypse, probably because instead of being in your dark bedroom you've moved to the garden and are pretending to your friends and neighbours that you're always this happy and love to eat charcoaled meat of disputable origin four times a week...

F.U.R.S are here to make that actually okay though, their glorious new 80's retro pop single "Just Kids", a track that you'll want to listen to over and over as the sun shines down on you with a bristling mix of bright, dreamy pop hooks and cinematic soundscapes that recall the nostalgia of youth - yeah, that last bit is pretty obvious from the title. "Just Kids" is playful, enjoyable and you know, fun, like they used to make them before as my Granddad would say. Elle's vocals are heavenly throughout as undulating waves of throbbing bass and glimmerings synths recall Summer Camps' debut, that's definitely a good thing, give me more already.

"Just Kids" will be released on 7" vinyl on August 19th via Loose Lips Records backed by the previously heard (and similarly excellent) "Striptease". The band have some live dates to celebrate to - check them out here.