Haim #5 - The Wire

I'd been thinking that it was about time for a new Haim track, we heard their last single "Falling" way back in February and sure enough on Monday night we saw the Internet go crazy for the sister's new track "The Wire", well when I say the Internet I mean that relatively of course but I doubt my little blog is the first time you've heard from the Los Angeles trio this week...

"The Wire" isn't a brand new track, it made its debut at live shows last year soon becoming a mainstay of the set and also features on a much shared Daytrotter session. The studio version is a typically polished affair which plays to all the Haim trademarks so far, a timeless 80's chart atmosphere, an abundance of hooks and wonderful vocal interplay which comes as close to the countless Fleetwood Mac comparisons we've all seen written about.

There is perhaps some loss of exuberance and raw appeal in the transfer from the live version but I could say that about all Haim tracks so far - I'm not alone in thinking this band come into their own in the live arena - overall "The Wire" is as confident as anything we've heard so far, even if perhaps not as commercial as "Forever" or as slick as "Send Me Down", it's still a sure-fire radio hit in the making from 2013's blog darlings (with exceptions before you start!).

"The Wire" is released 23rd September with Haim's debut album apparently nearing completion -that's sure to be an absolute stormer.