Kid Wave #2 - Shelley

When I posted about Kid Wave last month I mentioned about the thrill factor of new music discovery, a sentiment that can be repeated after just a handful of listens to the bands first official single "Shelley" - due for release July 29th via Battle Worldwide Records - a track that instantly melts hearts with irresistible guitar hooks and ear pleasing rhythms and whilst Britain continues to bask in a radiant, endless summers glow were provided with the perfect setting for the band to soundtrack our days.

The beautiful, hazy textures of vocalist / guitarist Lea Emmery's gorgeously relaxed voice and bright, daydreaming surf-pop guitar make me which I was outside twirling around in green pastures or mucking around in my room - a bit like the scenes in the accompanying video - some perfect youthful nostalgia right here - watch below and fall in love with one of 2013's finest new bands.