Night Flowers #2 - North


Last month my little nostalgic heart went a-flutter with Night Flowers impeccable debut track "Single Beds", a 90's fuzzy-pop reminiscing beauty that made me wish I wasn't quite so old and miserable so I could run through fields hand-in-hand with my childhood sweetheart like they do in Hollywood movies... Now I'm getting those feelings all over again with the bands second track "North"...

More languid and dreamy, its a perfect summers day listen with jangly guitar hooks, a beautiful, shimmering melody and soft, intoxicating vocals which can do nothing than take you to the sweetest of moods. Pure pop gold. With a sound far more polished and sophisticated than a band just two tracks in, the future already looks promising.

"North" is available now alongside "Single Beds" as a free download single via Bandcamp - you'd be silly to refuse and I for one, cannot wait for more.