Pins #8 - Get With Me / Album / Tour

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One of Manchester's (and the UK's) finest new bands Pins are back with the AA side to their latest 7" release "Get With Me" (which follows swiftly from the A side "Stay True and is due via Bella Union on July 26th), a track which bursts straight out of the gates with an urgent blend of the four-pieces trademark noir pop, propulsive beats, shimmering guitars and Faith's superb vocals, half snarling venom and half seducing harmonisation, "Get With Me" thrills with hooky precision from first listen to the tenth (and counting).

That's not your lot though music fans, also announced yesterday is Pins debut full-length Girls Like Us and an accompanying UK tour. Rather than me cut & paste the full track-listing, dates and art work I'll politely send you in the direction of their Facebook which contains all the necessary, thirteen (no doubt) hot tracks (including the two on the 7") to get our teeth into come September 30th - that's a bit more exciting than my waffle....