Rosie June - New Music "Introducing"

We're heading towards late July and perhaps new releases are going to slow down (a little) whilst the schools are off so I'll aim (I can't promise, I'm off for some of August myself!) to try and catch up on some old posts I've had sitting in my draft folder for a while, the first of which is Rosie June, a Canadian singer I really should have featured here sooner - her debut album Listening Post came out in March - possessed with a heavenly voice and dreamy, 80s throwback soundscapes it's a release guaranteed to make countless a heart swoon and sigh.

Take "Sound it Out" and the equally spacious "Airport Lines" as proof, both glisten with airy synths, sugary vocals and soft percussive beats with romantic, retro-fueled lyrics adding another luxurious veneer, like a warm, comforting blanket after the sun departs on a summer day.

The combination of beautiful melodic charm that's both uncluttered and effective and lulling vocals is one that continues throughout with the odd fluttering of instrumental deviation, "Lion on Your Side" and "Broadway" both expand with layers of reverb-drenched textures to delightful results.

The live version of "Broadway" below showcases Rosie's style of achingly pretty jangly pop better than any superlatives I can chuck its way - A gorgeous record to make you happy, induce slightly melancholic thoughts, rose-tinted dreams that leave you better than they found you. You can buy Listening Post on download/CD/Vinyl now via Bandcamp.