Smoke Fairies #3 - Good Man

An act I've featured here a criminally few number of times are Smoke Fairies, the now London based duo came to my attention about three years ago now (later than a lot of people's I know) and have since released two great records and more recently a Record Store Day release called Upstairs at United, a wonderful release that you should track down (if you haven't already), fantastic tracks recorded in one take using old, natural recording equipment, the results are as haunting and beguiling as you'd expect.

Not content with that Jessica and Katherine return with Ghosts, a retrospective double album (I've already got what will be released as CD1 on vinyl from an earlier US edition, a compilation of Smoke Fairies early singles. This edition will also include some new/old unreleased tracks on CD2, a complete disc of early studio sessions. So you've either got one disc of new material or two if you started with Through Low Light and Trees, (Ghosts is released on September 23rd and you can pre-order direct via BigCartel), at £9.99 you can't complain in any case. Full track-listing can be found here.

The pre-release streaming track "Good Man" is Smoke Fairies all over, heavenly vocal harmonies weave amongst an intricate web of hypnotic guitar textures and a languid bed of drums, defiant and haunting in equal measure there are few bands who can create atmosphere and enchantment like the Smoke Fairies.

An intimate tour has also been announced ending with a date at London's St Pancras Old Church on October 23rd - tickets on sale today (if there are any left - I doubt they'll last too long).