The French Pop Dream - New Music "Introducing"

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This weeks' finest inbox submission by at least ten times is the wonderful debut EP by new English / French act The French Pop Dream, their summery-pop tunes are as perfect as their track titles and combine classic 60's nostalgia with a beautifully simplistic melodic craft that makes me think of Underachievers, Please Try Harder era Camera Obscura.

The EP is led by "Eurostar, the Musical", a breezy, upbeat track that makes you wish you were taking a soft and gentle stroll through Paris with a summer romance, a lovely constructed indie-pop tune which is made all the sweeter by Anne Brugière's crystal clear vocals.

The other two tracks on the release sound equally timeless, drenched with a dose more melancholia both "Tell Me Something You Never Told Anyone" and "It's the Middle of Winter but it will be the Summer Soon" (Jim Steinman would be proud) are songs about life happening all around you, delivered exquisitely with a delightful, carefree charm that can do nothing but make your day brighter. Writing a praise-only music blog means I say words like 'my new favourite things' and 'amazing' all too often but this EP really is just perfect - get a copy from the band directly here.