The Joy Formidable #19 - Silent Treatment

One of the undisputed highlights of The Joy Formidable's latest album Wolf's Law "Silent Treatment" is given the makeover treatment by famed producer William Orbit as part of the bands latest release, a digital only EP released next week July 8th and available via Amazon and no doubt other places too.

The four track release contains the remix, the original, a live version of "Tendons" - which sounds bloody superb live by the way - and a new track "All This Promise". On the album "Silent Treatment" comes as a welcome respite from the adrenaline pumping tracks beforehand (and after when followed by the rather massive "Maw Maw Song"), now as a stand-alone track it is allowed to shine properly, the remix is subtlety done, adding atmosphere and skeletal synths to Ritzy's show-stopping vocal and delicate acoustic guitar - as intimate and beautiful as things get. Kick back and spend your evening with this.