Torres #3 - Dream Dream

Living in London means I'm pretty spoilt for choice when it comes to gigs and as a consequence I've seen probably about 90% of the acts I really, really love before, an artist breaking into that category is Torres and with Mackenzie Scott's debut London show taking place earlier this month at one of my favourite venues, The Lexington, I should have had the perfect opportunity to test that out - there's no better place than a live show to gauge how hard an artist hits you.

Alas with a young family you can't always make such assumptions and I soon found myself unable to go - the upsides are there already; a return in the autumn, not to far away now and this, a new unreleased demo of a track called "Dreams Dreams" which perfectly sums up why her debut self-titled, self-released album will be making my end of year lists come December.

Wielding little more than a raw, devastating voice and stark acoustic patterns the track is a dusky, wounded tale of New York's influence, all dark, moody and emotional power - I'm yet to see a bad review of that London show and I'm guessing when Torres does return in the autumn, it will be at a slightly bigger venue than The Lex...