Treasureseason - New Music "Introducing"


Not strictly a new music post, the band in question formed a good few years ago now but Treasureseason, the UK/Swedish duo of David Powell and Ida Olsson released their debut 7" via Coja Records last week (available for just £3.00 - a price I'm not quite sure how they can afford!), with two summer anthems full of bright synths and luscious vocals guaranteed to have you wishing you were anywhere but looking out the window to grey clouds and impending rain (welcome to summer in London).

"Don't Hold Back" is the track which first caught my attention, a pretty blend of glistening synth and delicate dream-pop vocal textures but it is "Archipelago" that's the stripped back centrepiece, with a beautiful, understated melody that slowly intoxicates the mind whilst soft slow-motion vocals tug at your heartstrings - magical stuff.