AKW - Last Lines


Sitting amongst my (hundred plus) drafts was little more than a bandcamp link for the band AKW (so my apologies to whomever provided my introduction), a trio from LA built around Alex Wisner, they recently released their six track EP Last Lines (available on digital / CD via their Bandcamp page) and it is that I'll focus on below.

The opening track "A Better Sea" is an absolutely bloody gorgeous introduction to Alex's deeply intimate vocals, her soft, fragile voice carries  emotional weight in a similar way to that of Elena Tonra's whilst she's armed with a similarly beautifully chilled voice to that of Emily Haines, underpinned by the tracks widescreen guitars shimmers and sparking keys, it's enough to send shivers down your spine and transport you to a rich, luxurious place..

"Last Lines" also beguiles, built around little more than minimally played guitars softly repeating and those pure, haunting whispers whilst "Where I Go When There's No One" is even better, building from minimal, spacious beginnings before momentarily peaking around a climactic explosion of emphatic sing-along chorus and frenetic guitar riffs. Closing track "Count The Steps" reveals itself a graceful splendor with a melody that glistens amongst hymn-like harmonies, simple yet staggeringly affecting.

A rare kind of beauty indeed, Last Lines will stay with you long after the duration of the six tracks. The perfect late-night Summer evening listen.