Caitlin Rose #25 - Waitin'

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End of the Road is almost here (look out for my festival preview later in the week if you, like me, are going) meaning my craving for a Caitlin Rose live fix will be soon satisfied, to coincide with her forthcoming UK tour the third single from her exquisite album The Stand-In has been announced, "Waitin" will be released via Names Records on 16th September.

The track finds Caitlin in defiant and bold mood, underpinned by her band who deliver a wounded, country-tinged song with the ballsy edge of a rock band - the ringing melody sees heavy drums and deep bass rhythms propel Caitlin's ever impeccable vocal which soars some pretty dark emotion with such effortless ease.

I've also added a video from a recent Noisetrade acoustic session / interview (which I discovered just this past weekend - how had I missed it earlier?!). It features five songs from the album (well one track from the bonus CD which you get when ordering the LP from Rough Trade) reinterpreted as laid-back, jazz club tracks full of soul and heart-melting vocals, the piano version of "Everywhere I Go" particularly spine-tingling. You can download the session on a pay what you like basis from the Noisetrade website.

Unless you're new to this blog (hello if so) you'll probably know Caitlin is one of my favourite artists - possibly of all time - do yourself a favour and fall in love below. She returns to London for her biggest show yet at Shepherds Bush on September 12th - you should come - tickets.