Charlotte Church #2 - Watch Tower

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Just last week I gave an introducing post to an artist who didn't really need any 'introducing', Charlotte Church is pretty much a household name in the UK already although perhaps her new musical direction is not. From a child prodigy to independent artist (and recently giving the chance to become an X Factor judge the big V) isn't perhaps the usual career path but it's one that certainly meets with approval from the likes of this blog...

The reason for quickly  coming back (and I'll keep this post short because of such) to Charlotte is a new track, "Watch Tower", taken from her forthcoming EP (although with seven tracks it could be considered a mini-LP) Three, due 26th August via her own Alligator Wine Records. A track which starts as subtle and ethereal as anything we've hard from Charlotte so far, soft, minimalist soundscapes that grow from their restrained beginnings with a sudden explosion of noise when a huge cacophony of horns, beats and guitar bedazzle - it's pretty amazing indeed.