Cosmetics #2 - Black Candy


I never expected to be writing about Cosmetics again, I did an Introducing post about the Montreal duo over two and a half years ago and since it's been quiet, really quiet. I naturally assumed they'd quietly disbanded. The fact there's no artist page on label Captured Tracks website vindicated such opinion.

That was until a couple of weeks ago when they announced the release of a limited cassette release Olympia which brings together most of their old tracks (there are two killer 7"s "Soft Skin" and "Sleepwalking" for the uninitiated) with some others seemingly out of their vault, the release forms part of the labels fifth birthday celebrations and is available with deluxe ticket passes to an event in Brooklyn - hopefully some will make their way online soon after.

What must be on the most overdue albums of recent times has been promised via their Facebook page and to tease us further Cosmetics have shared a cover on their bandcamp page (available as a free download), "Black Candy". Gone is the venom, harshess and anxiety of the Beat Happening orginal and in its stead are typically Cosmetics soundscapes - icy, restrained and haunting beats combining with soft, after-midnight vocals that creep up on your like the chill of night - especially when the track hits the repeated refrain of "burn baby burn baby burn", shivers all over - sinister yet completely gorgeous too - I love it.

That album before 2016 please.