Creatures of Love #6 - Sutra Sweat


Creatures of Love released their Boy Crimes EP towards the end of 2012, a release that went criminally unnoticed by many, full of dramatic chimes and shadowy beats it highlighted a massive progression to the London trio's otherworldly soundscapes.

Today sees the release of "Sutra Sweat" (accompanied by a suitably gross-out video), easily the most fucked up track on the EP, it fully deserves the limited release it's been picked out for (even if its subject matter hardly makes it fit for daytime radio - the most obvious track about sex since anything on Prince's Come album?).

If this beast of a track doesn't ignite more interest in the band then there really is something wrong in this world, as dark and menacing as anything you'll ever want to hear, industrial, mechanical beats couple with Bonita Mckinney's incredible set of pipes, here more chilly than ever, penetrating amongst a relentless onslaught of horrifying electronic drones and screeching backing effects. I think you've just found your perfect song to blare out loud when you really want to piss your neighbours off.

The single is backed with new track "The Balance of You & Me", a devastatingly beautiful antidote to the 'evilness' of "Sutra Sweat", a haunting mix of passionate vocals against a backdrop of gradually increasing metronomic beats and soft, restrained piano twinkles - it makes me think of Yazoo and that can only be a good thing.

The release is one you'll want to act quick on. Limited to just 50 copies the CD single comes hand decorated inside a recycled 7" features such beauties as Barry Manilow and Rod Stewart. Order via Bandcamp now.