Elephant #3 - Skyscraper


Firstly thanks to Some Of It Was True! for this re-discovery, I posted about Elephant a few times back in 2011 but then the band went quiet for sometime and they fell off my radar.

Their latest single "Skyscraper" was actually released on 7" back in March but I completely missed it then, I've got 2170 albums by 964 artists in my iTunes library (I didn't count them I promise) so keeping tabs on that many artists is a little tricky, still, I'm glad to have the London duo of Amelia Rivas and Christian Pinchbeck back on my rader.

"Skyscraper" is the perfect song to fall back in love with, a beautiful, hazy carousel of sparkling synths and creeping guitar lines. Dream-pop by its very definition is surely meant to send you to heavenly plains of comforting luxury and boy does this track do that - Amelia's soft, alluring vocals and swooning melody - it has me tingling all over.

Flip side "Spies" is sparser and perhaps even more beautiful with fluttering guitars the main accompaniment for delicate, echoing vocal coos that similarly warms the heart.

The final copies of the vinyl are available via Rough Trade. Elephant play Servants Jazz Quarters on September 11th - details.