Esper Scout - New Music "Introducing"

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I'm actually on holiday this week but by the wonder of pre-writes you'll never know... I've been meaning to post this since early July and have finally got my act together with the bands release of a new single last week, I saw Leeds based quartet Esper Scout play at a friends private party and they were pretty incredible. A loud, experimental rock dynamic which shortly afterwards landed said friend with a 'noise pollution complaint'. That's about the best compliment you can pay to a band in my opinion, if you're able to piss off a few snotty neighbours you're definitely on the right track, that track is confirmed by "Assumpta Tang".

The track which is available to download via bandcamp on a pay-what-you-like basis commands your entire attention from the outset as you're hit by a Juggernaut of frantic drums, pummeling bass and howling guitar riffs, laden with hypnotic textures and an intense vocal, the transfer of raw, grinding aggression from the live show is seemless and "Assumpta Tang" manages to excite just as much as that garden show did.

The slowburn anthem "Gaps in the Border Fence" is bewilderingly incredible too, snarly and brooding it builds around a wonderfully rhythmic melody as sparkling, chiming guitars and shimmering vocals gradually intensity to a maelstrom finale of noise. Two tracks, both highlighting Esper Scout's impressive capacity to create powerful, progressive soundscapes that borrow parts of various genres but combine to something rather unique.

Why not piss your neighbours off too? Listen / download below.